Buying your dream handbags isn't always easy. We at have made shopping for your dream handbag easier with our Layaway Program!
We currently offer two and three month schemes.
How to join our the Layaway Program
1. When you get to the checkout, find the ""Order Comments"" field at the bottom of the webpage.
2. In this area, type ""LAYAWAY"" then the length of term, e.g. For a 3 month term, put ""LAYAWAY 3"" in the field. You will not need to pay on checkout.
3. Choose the ""Other"" method of payment when you are viewing your cart ready to checkout. Then review your order and submit your order.
4. We will then invoice you, depending on the length of term, for half or a third of the total cost of your bag including postage.
5. The balance will invoiced to you by us in subsequent monthly payments in equal amounts according to your choice of length of payment term, i.e. two or three months.
6. We accept bank transfers or Paypal payments. 
Terms and Conditions of the BFabulous2 Layaway Program / Flexible Payment Plan.
1. The total payment will be divided in to equal monthly amounts depending on the length of the payment you choose, two or three months.. 
2. The balance will be billed to you in equal monthly installments. The second is due exactly one month from the date of the the first payment and will be due on that same date the following month.
3. A reminder will be emailed to you two days before your scheduled payment. If paying by PayPal, an invoice will be sent there as well.
4. We expect prompt payment. However, since we know that sometimes life busy, we will give you a grace period of three days to make good your payment; otherwise, your account is considered in default. 
5. If after three days, we do not receive any payment nor any email from you, store items w'ill be returned to stock and your order automatically cancelled.
6. If you wish to pay off more than the amount due in a month, you may do so but it will not reduce the amount you have to pay the next month. 
7. All excess monthly payments will be credited to your final payment.
8. Items will be shipped no later than three days after your final payment.
9. If you cancel your order, a 20% restocking fee is charged and held.
1. Let's say on March 1 , you want to enrol to the three month layaway plan on your total order of £300. Including shipping. the total amount for layaway is £300. You will be invoiced by us for £100.
2. On March 3 the three day window within which you should make good your payment  you must pay the £100 which is one third of the total amount.
3. The balance of £200 will then be divided by two month increments (the remainder of your chosen monthly term of three months). which is equal to £100 per month.
4. On April 3 one month after your first payment you are required to pay £100 and
every month thereafter until your balance is paid.
Cancellation Process of the Layaway Arrangement (Automatic or Voluntary)
In the event of cancellation. all payments made except a non-refundable 20% will
be returned to you via your chosen payment option.
You may cancel the layaway anytime. 
Just notify us via email and we will gladly refund you less the restocking fee of 20%.
Let's say in the illustration above you made two monthly payments bringing your total payment to £200 and then you decide to cancel your order, £240 will be refunded. The difference of £60 which is 20% of the total order is retained by BFabulous2.
By indicating that you would like to use the Layaway program and a term of payment on the checkout form, you are agreeing these terms and conditions.
This program does not include any of the designer bags by Dior, YSL or Gucci that we occasionally offer.
If you have any further questions, please contact us using  at
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